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Below is the schedule for the Meet and Greet this Friday (9/17/21). There is no need to check in with us at the tent, please prepare to meet your coach at the designated time/place to receive gear.

***Coaches prepare to arrive 15 minutes early to collect a “Coaches bag” from the tent, put on coach’s shirt, and be ready to meet the team and distribute team gear. Duct tape, scissors, and a sharpie are all must-haves for meet and greet to fit flags, label footballs/gear, and ensure everyone is ready for the season. We will have equipment available at the tent as well.***

Although you are not required to check in with us at the tent (which will be located between the two baseball fields), feel free to stop by with any merchandise questions/help, to purchase gear, or just to say hi!

There have been some changes to the rosters as players have been added, and removed, leading into the season start. I will send out another round of roster corrections to ensure we get everything situated before meet and greet. When you receive the roster, please look it over, and send any corrections my way.

If you are a late add, your equipment will be ready before week 1 (9/24/21).

Let me know if there are any questions! See you Friday!


BASEBALL FIELD 1 – 5:30PM - 7:00PM

               6U – Lombardi - Turner – Left Field (LF)

               6U - Lombardi - Clark –Center Left (CL)

               6U - Lombardi - Gonzales –Center Right (CR)

               6U - Lombardi - Keanini –Right Field (RF)

BASEBALL FIELD 2 – 5:30PM - 7:00PM

               8U - Shula - Burney - Left Field (LF)

               8U – Shula - Clark – Center Left (CL)

               8U - Shula - Flusche – Center Right (CR)

               8U - Shula - Sherman – Right Field (RF)

BASEBALL FIELD 1 – 7:00PM - 8:30PM

               10U - Madden - *NO COACH - Left Field (LF)

               10U - Madden – Bostic - Center Left (CL)

               10U - Madden – Campbell - Center Right (CR)

               10U - Madden – Gonzales - Right Field (RF)

BASEBALL FIELD 2 – 7:00PM - 8:30PM

               10U - Madden – Morgan - Left Field (LF)

               10U - Madden - Phillips Center Left (CL)

               10U - Madden – Warga - Center Right (CR)

               10U - Madden – Zepeda - GRASS BETWEEN FIELDS NEAR TENT

               12U - Madden – Barker – Right Field (RF)

BASEBALL FIELD 1 – 8:30PM - 10:00PM

               12U - Madden – Jones – Left Field (LF)

               12U - Madden – Pederson - Center Left (CL)

               12U - Madden – Schoonover – Center Right (CR)

               12U - Madden – Sherman – Right Field (RF)

BASEBALL FIELD 2 – 8:30PM - 10:00PM

               12U - Madden – Skimel – Left Field (LF)

               16U - Madden – Beickman – Center Left (CL)

               16U - Madden – Heck – Center Right (CR)

               16U - Madden – Ingalls – Right Field (RF)

               16U - Madden - Wilson/ZepedaGRASS BETWEEN FIELDS NEAR TENT

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